PestLoco Termite and Pest Control Your Tallahassee Pest Control Solution

Don’t let creeping crawling bugs and insects invade your Tallahassee Florida home. Call the Professionals at PestLoco Termite and Pest Control we will not only protect your families home from the everyday pests like spiders, ants, and roaches we will also take down your homes most costly threat the dreaded subterranean Termite. Florida has more than 14 colonies of termites per acre and termites do more than 5 billion dollars worth of damage per year. So protect your Tallahassee home with a termite service warranty (Termite Bond) second to none PestLoco Termite and Pest Control’s Total Pest Protection Plan.

PestLoco Termite and Pest Control can protect your home without taking a big bite out of the budget. Our total pest protection plans start as low as $49.00 a quarter for a full general household pest protection to a full blown termite invasion.

PestLoco Termite and Pest Control’s Total Pest Protection program starts with a thorough  detailed inspection so we can create a protection plan specifically tailored to your home. All of our protection plans start in your homes attic where roaches, spiders and silverfish like to hide then we work our way out to the perimeter baiting and dusting cracks, crevices and wall voids then we treat the outside areas around your home that are conducive to large insect populations like woodpiles, trash areas and family gathering spots.

Then we follow that up with the best termite defense product on the market Termidor SC. Termidor creates a continuous band of protection around your homes entire perimeter decimating any termite colonies that may have already invaded and creates a barrier to protect your home from termites that may try to re-infest  your home later and with initial program prices starting as low as $199.00 we won’t break the bank. we even have 6 months same as cash for qualified home owners and never a credit check. and remember, As long as you keep your plan active you will never pay for a full termite treatment again.

So Give PestLoco Termite and Pest Control a Call – “WE Get The Bugs Out”!

 The Smart Choice for Tallahassee Florida Pest Control