Mosquitoes are a nuisance, but they can also be very dangerous. They are highly recognizable for their long bodies, six long legs and two wings. However, they are predators who feed on animal and human blood, and they are always looking for a new feast. This means that they are looking for you. For this reason, mosquitoes must be eliminated because they can transmit malaria, yellow fever or West Nile virus to you and your family. 

PestLoco Termite and Pest Control Mosquito Treatment

If mosquitoes are cramping your style, contact us at PestLoco Termite and Pest Control. Our well-trained technician will spray your yard with a backpack sprayer that was designed specifically to treat a mosquito situation. The technician will look for the typical locations where mosquitoes like to live and breed and will apply the insecticide. It kills mosquitoes instantly and clings to your plants where it will repel new invaders for several weeks. You will be able to enter your yard just 30 minutes after treatment. 

It will not be enough to eliminate the mosquito problem you are currently having, so PestLoco Termite and Pest Control will not stop there. If there are any mosquito larvae in your yard, we will find them and exterminate them as well. We will also help you find spots that are the most welcoming to mosquitoes so that we can help you create an environment that is inhospitable to these pests. Then, you will receive a monthly visit from our technician who will treat your yard with our safe synthetic insecticide or a 100% organic solution. This way, you will have a mosquito-free yard for the entire year. 

Spring is here, and you are getting ready to enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t step outside until you give PestLoco Termite and Pest Control a call for a free quote first. 

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