1.  With a B&G P.A.S system, the technician treats the mattress, box spring (including the area under the ticking) and bed frame. He then does a crack & crevice treatment on the headboard, nightstands, dressers, armoires and upholstered furniture.

2.  With a crack & crevice tool and Temprid, the technician treats where carpeting meets the baseboards or wall surfaces (including the area inside closets), around door frames and where crown molding meets wall and ceiling surfaces.

3.  Wall void treatment as necessary: The bed bug technician uses a to drill small openings just above the baseboard every 16″ in the wall adjacent to the headboard/bed and other walls, as needed, where pockets of infestation could exist. With a wall injection tip on the B&G, the technician injects Temprid (2-4 second blast with a 9 to 3 o’clock rotation) into each void. He then patches the holes with white interior caulk.

4.  Aerosol treatment: With artwork and other moisture sensitive items (clock radio, books, etc.) in a plastic bag, the technician cinches the opening of the bag around 5 a stinger/straw tip and, using Whitmire 565, emits a one second material blast.

The last two are optional but recommended

5.  PestLoco Termite and Pest Control recommends the installation of a mattress and box spring encasement system on each bed after the units are treated.

6.  Monitoring station: Install at least one monitoring station near insect “hot spots”

Some Items may require the customer to sign a release in order to be treated.

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