Roaches are hardy insects that can become extremely problematic once they’ve taken over a residence. The insects are generally black or brown and can be up to a few inches long. While they are commonly found in sewers, they can also invade homes and apartments if given the chance. Because the critters are hard to eradicate, homeowners will always want to call in a professional exterminator. At PestLoco Termite and Pest Control, we can design a rigorous treatment plan that will eliminate any roach problem once and for all.

Most roach infestations begin when a few solitary insects discover an interior food source. They can enter a residence through drain pipes, drywall cracks, rotten floorboards or weaknesses in doors and windows. The bugs can leave behind feces and egg sacs, which can cause allergies to flare up in people who are especially sensitive. Because roaches can breed so quickly, a colony can grow into hundreds of insects within just a few short weeks.

Roaches can do quite a bit of damage within the kitchen area. They can work their way into food containers and can ruin large amounts of dried goods and vegetables. Once a container has been compromised, all of the contents must be thrown out so that nobody in the household gets sick. During severe infestations, the insects can be found in kitchen cabinets and behind sinks and toilets. Such infestations should be dealt with immediately to avoid damage to your foundation.

PestLoco Termite and Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to combat roaches of all kinds. Calibrated chemical treatments will be used to kill the insects. Entrances to the building will be sealed off so that secondary infestations do not occur. Interested parties can contact PestLoco Termite and Pest Control for further assistance and a free quote.

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